All of Uffa’s plans are currently being catalogued, a project that will take at least until the end of the year 2000. Copies of a number of Uffa’s famous designs are now available for purchase as shown on the following pages.

We intend to have a page for each design eventually which can be filled out as appropriate - any help you can give us would be appreciated. For example have you any details of restoration, recent photographs, anything on the history of the class or design?

Do you have an Uffa designed or built boat in storage somewhere that you might like to make known to an enthusiast or a museum? Let us know and we will publish details on this site or put you in touch with other interested parties if we can.

We would be happy to use the page as a home page for any of Uffa's classes that do not have a website. Contact mike@uffafox.com if interested.

Should you wish further details of any designs (even if not yet listed) then please e-mail us using the button below.

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pointright.gif (1268 bytes) Racing Keelboats pointright.gif (1268 bytes) Order Form

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