Cruiser Designs

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Atalanta Fairey built cruiser
Avenger 28' cruiser
Flying Twenty Five Capricia II (ocean racer)
Flying Thirty Huff of Arklow (and variants)
Flying Thirty Five Flying Fox
Flying Fifty 70' cruiser
Foxcub 18' cruiser (Uffa's last yacht design)
Foxhound 24' cruiser/racer (designed after Uffa's death)
Foxterrier 22' cruiser/racer (designed after Uffa's death)
Sandavore 35' WL cruiser racer
Sea Swallow 30 square metre
Stardust Now called Mary Lunn
Teneriffe 31' cruiser
Vigilant 22 square metre



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In addition to the designs listed above many others have been found. If you are interested in any particular design of Uffa's then please e-mail us.

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