Keelboat Designs

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Daysailer O'Day lifting keel boat
Flavia 5.5 metre
Flying Ten Smallest of Flying series
Flying Twelve Smaller sister of Flying 15
Flying Fifteen Uffa's most successful UK boat
Chine Flying Fifteen A home build variant of the Flying 15
Flying Seventeen Bigger sister of Flying Fifteen (never built)
Flying Twenty 26' planing keel boat
Flying Twenty Five Kingfisher
Flying Scout Lifting keel derivative of Chine Flying Fifteen
Noroda 6 metre
Sea Swallow 30 square metre
Vigilant 22 square metre
Waterwitch 30 square metre (Knud Reimers design)

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In addition to the designs listed above many others have been found. If you are interested in any particular design of Uffa's then please e-mail us.

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