New Build Underway

The JOLLY BOAT was an incredibly fast planing dinghy, mass produced by Fairey Marine in the 1950/60s.  It was Uffa's largest mass produced dinghy (provided you class the Flying Fifteen as a keelboat!).  The Fairey boat was hot moulded so it will be interesting to a cold version.

From Steve Moore:  'I bought a set of plans for the 1955 Jollyboat from you about 18 months ago.  I thought you might like a photo for the web site to go with the photo of the flying twenty five you have.  I'm just finishing the first layer of veneer and realising I didn't order enough!!'














The story so far:


    Midship mould setup                                                                            Setup


    First four moulds                                                                            Last four moulds


    Transom                                                                                            Stem


    First keel plank                                                                                Keel laminate complete


Transom joint                                                                                        Transom bevel


Mould bevels cut                                                                                    Keel rough shape


    Keel faired                                                                                        Keel bow shape complete


    Centre board slot                                                                                Gripe bonded


     Gripe faired                                                                                                       First batten goes on


    Keel runners in place                                                                        Keel runner faired up


    More battens                                                                                    Batten butts on keel runner


    Almost complete                                                                            Master veneer in place


    Spiling veneer                                                                                    Spiling complete


    Spiled veneers fitted                                                                            More veneers fitted


First layer of veneers complete below



(Will add more when available)


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