New Build Underway in Australia

The FLYING TWENTY FIVE was the largest of Uffa's Flying series of open keelboats. She is reputed to have been so fast she frightened some of the crew!  The new build will use modern materials so who knows how fast she will be!  With the proposed asymmetric rig she should scream on a reach.



Here are some pictures of the set up for build:





"We are currently fitting stringers to the frames and Uffa's Beautiful Flying Twenty-Five shape is being revealed. Over these frame we will attach 16mm Divinycell panel, laminate externally with 4mm of Vinylester resin, glass rovings and chop strand matt to ABS, as designed by Andrew Warner naval architect of ShipShape Melbourne Australia.

We will then lift the hull off the plug, invert and laminate internally, then install hull and deck frames to support the structure.  We think the final weight will be that Uffa has suggested around 1000lbs no less than 900lbs as per the measurement certificate.

Update Spring 2007

John and I thought you would like to see our progress with "Flying Twenty Five".

The hull is now constructed, using Vinylester.csm, byaxial and quadaxial glass fibre over a core of 19mm divinycell foam planking with csm, quadaxial glass fibre an Vinylester resin on the inside hull. The keel and rudder are fabricated and aready for trial fitting to the hull.  We will next install the internal frames, and buoyancy tanks amidships. We anticipate the hull and deck will weigh around 1000 lbs.  We have remained faithful to Uffa's hull sectional shapes and locations during set-up.

Attached is Flying 25 with cockpit, side and aft deck being fastened down.  Next step is to laminate over the top of the deck and the gunwhale.

The cockpit has enclosed buoyancy compartments. this we copied from the F15's.  As you can see the cockpit is quite deep and may hold  a lot of water.

We will fit a bilge pump under each side deck, like the etchells, so we can pump-out whilst sitting on the weather deck.

Sheet winches will be mounted on the side decks just forward of amidships.  The mast will be extended by two feet above the original design.  This has allowed us to increase the luff heights of both the Jib and the Main and shorten the Genoa overlap, maintaining much the same total sail area as per the plan ~ about 400sq ft

The forestay has been move aft by 12" to accommodate the PROFURL jib reefing system.  The mast location from the bow will remain as per orignal position The boom will remain the same length.  We are now determining the best position for the keel relative to the rig.


(Will add more pictures when available)


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